Rotten @ the Root (Home Edition)


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Our second episode, “Rotten @ The Root” is available for purchase from our website store. In this episode, Staggy’s niece and nephew, Big A and Eva, are visiting the weekend before school starts and given instructions to stay away from the Very Very Rotten Berry Fields. However, their curiosity gets the best of them and when Staggy and George leave, Big A and Eva head to the rotten place. As the adventure unfolds, they end up being attacked by rotten berries and are forced to try to find a way out of the mess they have gotten themselves into. During this Bible Study, children will discover what the Bible says about spiritual fruit. We are known by the fruits our lives produce. Our hearts are fruit factories. Men gather good fruit in good places. Good trees bear good fruit and bad trees bear bad fruit. Our hearts can either produce good fruit or bad fruit. A good heart will pro­duce good fruit and a bad heart will produce bad fruit. What’s in the root will come out in the fruit. God desires us to produce good fruit. However, WE cannot produce good fruit on our own.

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