Stuck In The Yuck


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  • Episode DVD
  • Teacher’s Guide-4 lessons
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Printable Coloring Pages
  • Lyrics to Song
  • Sticker

During the first animated episode, children are introduced to Staggy, an Orangutan who is at the top of Needlepoint in search of a yuck, yuck berry. The sign beside the yuck, yuck tree reads: “Do not eat!” and of course, our hungry little monkey eats from the yuck, yuck tree and the adventure begins. Using the transition questions, parents and pastors can begin to relate Staggy’s adventure to the biblical realities of Adam and Eve’s fall into sin. Session two covers the truth that all of us have broken the holy standard of God and therefore are sinners. Many children believe that they are good or that we can be good enough to go to heaven and in session three they learn that no one is good except God alone. As fallen people, we cannot cover ourselves with our own good works. Session four focuses on the biblical understanding that we cannot rescue ourselves. God is the one who rescues us by sending Christ to save us.

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