About New Creature Creations

Childhood Dreams

One of the greatest works of God is taking the spiritually dead and giving them eternal life. Salvation is an expression of the creative power of God. Before becoming a Christian, I wanted to be a cartoonist. But after I was saved I felt a call into ministry instead of fulfilling that childhood dream.

Years later I began writing Vacation Bible Schools due to a burden that kids could grasp deep, God-centered concepts if they were communicated on a childlike level. One of the greatest mistakes we make as Christian leaders is the presupposition that children cannot grasp deep truths. As the animated curriculum developed, I realized the characters and their situations could be used as the “hook” to teach about the greatness of God. These characters came to my heart after I became a “New Creation” in Christ. Thus, I arrived at the name New Creature Creations.

Evangelize, energize, equip, and excite!

I can’t pin point the exact day the realization of taking the VBS characters and turning them into animation came, but it was a God-delivered vision. God has designed us to be creative for his glory. In order for us to reach the generations to come, we must use new and exciting methods. New Creature Creations is a ministry based on anchoring discipleship in the nature and person of God by creatively using a 2D formula. The ultimate goal of NCC is to evangelize, energize, equip, and excite the generations for the glory of God.

I would like to invite you to be a part of the New Creature family by allowing us to help with your ministry in any way we possibly can.

Standing in Grace,
Mark Ayers – Founder of New Creature Creations